The Talking Dog Online Herding Training

Watch detailed videos showing you exercises and drills you can train with sheep, ducks and cattle. Learn what to do if you don’t own your own sheep by taking the course on DRY LAND TRAINING to teach the basics away from stock. The Talking Dog site is designed to be a powerful training aid to help you train your dog independently and be better prepared between lessons and clinics.

Watching many other dogs and handlers go through the same process, is like a clinic in your home that you can slow down, back up, re-watch and more. Read relevant articles and watch eye opening videos and learn many of the critical concepts involved in training a Stockdog of any breed. Compare the cost of a clinic or just one training session and you will find this a useful resource that is always at your fingertips. And our video library that will keep on growing!

From the Dog's point of view

The Talking Dog was inspired by years of working with the wonderful dogs and people whose lives have been changed by taking the time to look at things from the Dog’s perspective. This approach helps handlers allow their dogs to work and find joy in their natural instincts and to grow confident, useful working companions.

Using a strong Foundations Based training approach, our courses are designed to help people look at things from the dog’s perspective and learn to assist in the learning process through a better understanding of how livestock also view the world.

Through this kind of interpretive learning using video, one can stop to review and consider all the dynamic and static variables that affect performance outcome.

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