Dry Land Herding Games

What to do without stock

Most people today which are involved in herding activities are not farmers or ranchers.  In fact most are hobbyists and even the serious ones who compete don’t always come from a herding background.

So most therefore arrive at their herding instructors farm or training facility either once or twice a week.  Once they get the bug, some even go out and buy their own sheep.  And if you’re really serious, you might trade in a husband or two to settle with more dogs, more sheep, a few ducks or geese, and a messier house.

Seriously, herding can be very addictive, and expensive.  Lessons vary from place to place and trainer to trainer but can get expensive with travel and time depending on where you live and how serious you want to get. It can be expensive and time consuming and with a little preparation, you can probably be better prepared and get more of your money’s worth from lessons if you have taught some skills AWAY from stock.

Disclaimer!!! – what we are calling DRY LAND HERDING GAMES- or as they would say in agility or some other dogs sports “FLAT WORK”, refers only to working on skills or exercises which might enhance or clarify the performance in the field of the REAL sport.

  • Let the Games Begin!
    • Welcome to Dry Land Herding Games
    • Introduction to Dry Land Herding Games
    • Basic Obedience
    • Gate Games
    • Outs to Cones
    • Body Language and Understanding Pressure
    • Impulse Control and Keeping the Drive High
    • Walk Up and Pressure Games
    • That’ll Do, Call Offs, Walk Up, Stand, and Down
    • Walk up with Pole Work

Estimated Time: varies with each learner

Difficulty: All Levels


Dog Herding Games